Welcome Kissed By the Moon as our New Site Sponsor!

I’d like to introduce you all to Haute Clothed Bun’s newest site sponsor–Tami, owner of Kissed by the Moon.  As Haute Clothed Buns continues to grow, site sponsors are integral in helping provide new products for review as well as bringing in new readers.  I am honored that Tami feels that HCB is a resource worth investing in.  I asked her to share a little about Kissed By the Moon, so we could all get to know her and what KBTM has to offer.

From Tami:
“I’ve been dreaming of owning a cloth diaper store for ages, but I finally put it into reality this past summer.  I pride myself on providing individualized service and excellent communication- I want KBTM not to be just a store, but more of a community where people can ask questions and share their passion for cloth diapering.  With this, I’m open to ideas on how we can improve and products we can offer.

We have a rental program where we offer several types of diapers, but again, if someone wanted something we didn’t offer as a rental, we could create a custom rental for them.  We also have layaway, kissed cash rewards, so you earn credit towards free product.  We have an affiliate program for people with blogs or who go on chat boards. After signing up, if someone goes through the referral link, the person can get 8% store credit.  KBTM has a great used diaper section that is growing, and people can sell their used diapers for credit.  There’s a gift registry also.

On facebook I’m very active and we have some favorite games like KBTM Uno, where I’ll pick a player to win a prize.  We also just held a photo contest, so on our site the picture on the homepage is actually a customer’s child.  Every month we feature a different baby.  As far as product, we have mainstream brands, but also love WAHM products and want to support our local community (and only cloth diapering mamas!) so we do carry their products to help them get their name out there. ”

Thanks for sharing and for being a part of the HCB team, Tami!

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