Swaddlebees Simplex One Size All In One

My favorite cloth diapers are sized AIO’s.  You really can’t beat the fit and ultimate trimness they (usually) offer.  Unfortunately, sized AIO’s conflict with my core value of frugality.  True, the trimness is unbeatable, but having to buy a new set in each size range can get spendy (although it is nowhere near as costly as disposables)!  So when companies announce their new one-size AIO’s I get all giddy and excited in hopeful anticipation.

I’ve been loving the medium Swaddlebees Simplex 2.0 that I’ve been testing out for review–I love the design, fit and super-cute prints–so when I heard that they had come out with an OS version, I of course had to get my hands on one!   ***Note:  This diaper was purchased by me and I have not received any payment or compensation for this review.  It is my honest opinion***

Brand:  Swaddlebees Simplex
Style: All In One
Closure:  Front Snapping
Sizing:  Fits most babies 10-35lbs; waist 9-21″; thighs 4-12.5″ and rise 13.5-18.5″
Materials:  Waterproof outer; Cotton inner OR Stay-dry microfleece
Print:  There are several adorable prints and colors to choose from, pictured in this review is the sunny and cheerful “Butterflies” print.
Care:  Machine wash, rinse, tumble dry warm or line dry.  (More care info can be found here.)
Price:  $25.95

Ease of use 4/5
Absorbency 4/5
Fit 3/5
Overall Performance 4/5

The Swaddlebees OS Simplex is a unique design that couples the benefits of an all in one diaper (convenience & trimness) with the versatility of a pocket diaper by offering a pocket opening on both ends to allow extra absorbency to be added as needed.  The double opening lets added inserts agitate out in the wash which means you don’t have to remove the soiled ones by hand prior to washing (YAY!).

Additionally, it offers the option of a 100% natural lining of birdseye cotton OR a microfleece stay-dry lining all in the SAME DIAPER!!

10 layers of 100% cotton birdseye fabric provide lots of absorbency in the wetzone and the outer is a sturdy waterproof fabric.  The diaper is a front snapping closure style with gentle leg elastic that is NOT sewn into a casing (sometimes elastic casings can be rough on chubby thighs).

Folks, there are a lot of One-size AIO diapers out there, but this is the first one I’ve tried that is one-size, offers stay-dry or natural fibers and the option of pocket or AIO all in the same diaper!  Are you ready to check it out?

If you want to see the full size photograph, simply double click on the image.

Front:  On the left is the OS Simplex on the largest rise, on the right the smallest rise.





Front panel waist snaps and rise snaps:



From the side

From the waist

The picture below shows the inside of the diaper with the soaker tucked into the pocket so that only natural fibers touch baby’s skin.

Soaker  The soaker is a tongue style that tucks into the pocket.  The top side (shown) is 100% cotton birdseye.  The reverse lined with microfleece stay-dry fabric, so you have the option of keeping baby’s bum feeling dry simply by flipping the soaker on top of the inside (See second picture).


Topped with the stay-dry side of the soaker:

The pictures below shows the pocket opening at the front with the soaker tucked inside.

This picture shows the pocket opening with the soaker laid on top:

Legs:  Like Bottombumpers and Peachy Green AIO’s, the Simplex offers a gentle leg elastic that is not in a sewn casing.  This provides for secure protection against leaks, without causing red marks.  Top picture show with insert tucked into pocket.  Bottom picture is of the insert laid on top so that the stay-dry microfleece is on top.

Ease of Use:  4/5*
A 5/5 rating will only be given to a diaper that is as easy to use as a disposable…i.e.  aplix closure & no stuffing or snapping required.
The Swaddlebess Simplex One Size AIO, is fantastically easy to use.  The front snaps are a breeze, it takes about 2 seconds to “stuff” the insert, and you don’t have to “unstuff” it prior to washing.   If you want to use the stay-dry fleece side against baby’s bum, it’s even easier–just lay it on top and put diaper on baby and you’re good to go!

Stuffing the insert into the tunnel pocket couldn’t be quicker or simpler–just reach you hand through to the other end where the insert is attached, grab the insert down through the tunnel and voila!  Poopy diaper?  No problem–there’s not multiple layers to clean off, so it’s quite easy to spray down or swish.  Best of all?  No grabbing icky, soiled inserts out of the pocket before washing!  They really do agitate out on their own.

Absorbency 4/5
The Simplex OS AIO is definitely one of the more absorbent AIO’s that I have used.  We are able to use it in the daytime for outings, naps and general use.  At night, we are able to use it for 6-7 hours–which is great!  (We haven’t been able to use ANY AIO overnight for about 6 months now).  To make it the full 12 hours my daughter sleeps, I slipped a size medium Babykicks hemp insert in the pocket of the Simplex and it worked beautifully!  No leaks and for a night time diaper, it was not too bulky.

FIT 3/5
This category is rather subjective & based off my baby’s shape, so please don’t let the fact that it’s not a perfect 5 deter you–it’s just that for my daughter’s body shape, it is a good fit but not the best fit we’ve had with an one-size AIO.  It fits her nicely through the rear, but at this stage, the rise is slightly awkward.  However, I’ve found that with most OS diapers, at some point or another you will encounter a growth phase where the fit just isn’t right.  I’m guessing that in a month or too, it will get better.  As I mentioned, the fit is good on my daughter (20lbs, 29″ and 18 months), but not perfect.








Overall, I am very pleased with the Swaddlebees Simplex OS.  Although I was a teensy bit disappointed that the OS Simplex was front snapping instead of side-snapping like their sized version, I have been extremely pleased in every other regard.  It’s fairly trim (as good as any other OS AIO), quite absorbent, I love that I have the option to use a stay-dry liner if I want–even though I rarely will need it, I love that the soaker is a tongue style so it dries quickly but tucks into a pocket so that cleaning up the poo is so much quicker and I love that I can stuff a hemp insert in the pocket when I want more absorbency.

Of the One-Size AIO’s (Bottombumpers, Bum Genius Elementals, GroVia AIO), this may be my favorite so far–it’s definitely a toss up for me between it and the GroVia AIO.  I love sized Bottombumpers so I thought that the OS version would be my favorite, but my vanity just couldn’t get over the bump on the rump–even though the fit is fabulous on my daughter!  GroVia AIO’s are trim, absorbent and provide the best fit on my daughter.  Elementals are amazingly absorbent, and quite trim, but they take a long time to line dry.  All three are slightly annoying to spray poop off of because the soaker is comprised of multiple layers–the Simplex on the other hand, is a breeze.  (If you are getting the impression that I’m rather picky–you would be quite right ;)

If you are interested in seeing how the Simplex compares to GroVIa, BumGenius Elemental and Bottombumpers OS, you might be interested in checking out my One-Size, All In One Comparison.  Be sure to follow me on my Facebook page! for updates.

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6 Responses to Swaddlebees Simplex One Size All In One

  1. Katie says:

    I wish I had a girl so I could buy this print!! ;) Luckily, Swaddlebees has cute boy prints too. I’d love to give this diaper a try. I searched for a review of this diaper and came across yours- thanks for making it so thorough. I’m most concerned with absorbency and fit because my baby is a heavy wetter, which has made diapering him kind of stressful! I’m hoping this one works for us.

    • Anna says:

      It is a cute print–we love it! Swaddlebees does have some of the best selection of boy prints available (in my opinion) though! So far, of the AIO’s I’ve compared, the Simplex has the best absorbency, and the pocket style will make it easy to add additional doublers for more absorbency if you need it. I’m sorry it’s been stressful diapering your little guy so far. Have you tried or considered fitteds? They are amazing when it comes to being absorbent. Be sure to enter the giveaway happening right now for the Sustainablebabyish fitted!

  2. One of my all-time favourite diaper prints. I’m amazed at how trim even the OS option is – definitely want to try it out. Now just to wait for a sale…

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