Peachy Green “Solo Luxe” All In One (AIO)

PLEASE NOTE:   The diapers have since been redesigned, so this review is no longer up to date.

When I first starting cloth diapering, almost a year and a half ago, the most shocking thing to me was the bulk on a small baby!  Equally surprising was the realization that it was more important to me to have a trim fitting diaper than it was to have an economical “one-size ” option that would work from birth to potty training.  My disdain of bulk sent me on a quest to find the trimmest diaper I could.  I searched the internet, made polls on cloth diapering forums and the resounding answer I found at the time was “Fishnoodles.”

So, after I waged an epic battle of economy vs. trimness and convinced myself that spending more money on cloth diapers I liked would still be cheaper than using disposables, I bit the bullet and bought myself….er, I mean my daughter, 3 Fishnoodles.  Now, for those of you who don’t know, Fishnoodles Solo Flyer AIO’s were the first generation of what is now the Peachy Green Solo Luxe AIO.

Long story short?  That purchase started a love affair with the Solo AIO that continues even today–these diapers make up a majority of my personal stash!  These diapers are sleek, slim, stretchy and stylish!  *oh and they’re absorbent too, but I couldn’t think of a good “s” word for that ;)

Peachy Green
Type:  “Solo Luxe” All In One/Snap In One
Closure:  Side snaps
Sizing:  3 sizes:
Size 0 fits babies 7-16lbs (3.2-7.3kg) with a rise up to 15″ (38cm)
Size 1 fits babies 12-28lbs (5.5-12.7kg) with a rise up to 17.5″ (44.5cm)
Size 2 fits babies 24-35lbs (10.9-15.9kg) with a rise up to 19″ (48.3cm).
Materials:  Outer is waterproof PUL, Inner lining is Bamboo/Cotton viscose and the insert is Bamboo/Cotton fleece.
Price:  $22.95 for solid colors; $23.95 for prints
Colors & Prints:   A new variety of colors and prints are released each season.

Peachy Green’s Solo Luxe Product Description:
“Our all in one cloth diapers are great for baby. The organic cotton and bamboo viscose diaper inner is natural, organic, and easily washable and reusable. Snap diapers will not snag during cleaning, and side snaps give the all in one diaper a trim fit. Whether you call it an all in one, or snap in one because the soaker can snap out,  moms find this to be the best cloth diaper for their baby.”


Below:  Back (top left), Front (top right), Crotch/stride (bottom left), Side (bottom right) and Waist (bottom middle).














Below you’ll see the back waist of the Peachy Green Solo Luxe AIO.    See how it is a serged finish?  This very intentional design feature is KEY to the stretchiness of the diaper as serged finishes provide significantly more stretch than turned and top stitched  finishes.  Not only that, but it also keeps the diaper as trim as possible.  Likewise, the elastic in the back is designed to be a gentle yet effective barrier against poo, while stile maintaining a slim profile.

This first picture was taken when the diaper was brand new, and unwashed (hence the different background).   I wish you could feel how luxuriously soft it is!!!  The inside of the cover is lined with a bamboo/cotton viscose blend, and the soaker is a buttery soft bamboo/cotton blend fleece.  Is it wrong to say it’s yummy?
 The following pictures were taken a few days ago, after a few months of use and no sunny days to “sun” the stains out–my apologies :(

Just the cover, without the insert snapped in:
Snapping the insert in is a breeze and quick as a wink!

The Insert
The insert is cleverly designed so that there are only two layers in the back where it snaps in, which makes it ultra trim on the bum.  In the front of the insert, there are three layers, putting maximum absorbency where you need it most. 

The insert is unbelievably trim!

All together–and it still has an incredibly sleek profile:
Should you desire additional absorbency, snap-in hemp doublers are available.  They snap onto the underside of the insert and then directly into the cover.  They are super slim, so they add minimal bulk.

The Peachy Green Solo Luxe AIO has super gentle leg gussets that provide a secure, yet gentle barrier against escaping poo–and they won’t leave red marks.  When my daughter first starting wearing Fishnoodles, she had chunky thighs and red marks were never an issue.  Now that she’s a slender toddler, they still fit her great and still don’t leave red marks.

Peachy Green are fabulously easy to use–in fact, they are the first ones my husband likes to reach for!  The only reason I give them a 4 instead of a 5 is because velcro is technically “easier” (even though personally I don’t like it as much) and I suppose it would be simpler if everything was already attached, but as it is, the snap in inserts are pretty foolproof.

Don’t be intimidated by the side snaps.  It might take a change or two to adjust to, but they are really quite easy and before the week is out it will feel completely natural!  When I am sending baby to grandma’s or the babysitter, I just show them which snap to snap it on and we’ve never had a problem.

FIT 5/5
I give the PG Solo Luxe a 5/5 with the understanding that no one diaper will fit every baby perfectly.  However, since I have used them when my daughter was a chubby infant and now as a slender toddler and they fit her well at both stages, I feel fairly confident that this is a diaper that will work well for a wide range of babies.  We have never had problems with the elastic causing red marks on her legs.

Below are pictures of my daughter wearing a size small Fishnoodles Solo Flyer AIO (very similar in design to the most current version, the Peachy Green Solo Luxe AIO).  At the time, she was 6 months old–this is right before she really got chunky :) .

If you would like to see a larger image, double click on the picture.


Next are pictures of her at 7 months old in a size Medium Fishnoodles (hearts) and a size 1 Bright Star Baby.





My little babe is now a active toddler and the fit of the size 1 Peachy Green is PERFECT on her–and at 20lbs and 29″, she still has plenty of room to grow in them.

As the pictures above illustrate, this diaper is exceptionally trim.  It is definitely the sleekest, slimmest cloth diaper I have tried.  I love this diaper for times when I want to dress my daughter in leggings!

For a sized, slim fitting, natural fiber All In One, the Solo Luxe AIO has great absorbency.  We are able to use them on outings, and at naptimes, and if I know that I won’t be able to change her as frequently as I prefer (every 2 hours, regardless of the diaper) during the day, I’ll add a Peachy Green Hemp Booster.

I find the absorbency to be similar to a sized Bottombumper or Swaddlebees Simplex AIO.   Once or twice, my daughter has had an unexpectedly heavy pee and it has resulted in wicking around the legs.  However, I have had this happen with pretty much every other sized AIO when she randomly has a super soaker episode :)  Sized diapers are not designed to have ultimate absorbency; they are designed to be trim and absorbent, and Peachy Green AIO’s excel in this.

A year ago, when I bought my first Fishnoodles AIO, I nearly sold it as soon as I received it because I mistakenly thought that its light weight and serged back meant it was flimsy (apologies Dawn!).  I could not have been more wrong.  After a year of use, many of my natural fiber diapers are starting to show signs of wear–but not my Fishnoodles/Bright Star Baby/Peachy Green diapers!  With the exception of stains I haven’t had a chance to sun out, they are in pristine condition–in fact, of all my diapers these get used the most and look the best!  There is no piling or holes in the lining and the elastic is still tight.

I’m sure I sound like a broken record, but I LOVE PEACHY GREEN  AIO’s!  They are sleek & slim, stretchy, stylish and superbly made.  They are absorbent, wash well, dry quickly (faster than any other diaper) and are extremely durable!  We have never had a blowout with them and I love how gentle the leg elastic is.  This is the first diaper I recommend when a mama asks me for  the trimmest option in cloth diapering.  This is a must have/must try diaper!

IF you love the trimness of the Solo Luxe AIO, but want a more economical system, be sure to check out my review of the one-size Peachy Green Sprout Up AI2 or the Peachy Green Switcheroo Cover-n-2.

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You can find Peachy Green Solo Luxe diapers at

**The diaper pictured in this review was given to me by Peachy Green Diapers to review, since I only had Bright Star Baby labed diapers.  Everything expressed in this post is my honest opinion.

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6 Responses to Peachy Green “Solo Luxe” All In One (AIO)

  1. Alayna says:

    Thanks for the review. I just purchased my first of these diapers although my is a clearance Bright Star baby. Diaper design-wise, is there a difference between the Bright Star and Peachy Green? My daughter has worn her Bright Star diaper once so far, but I loved the trimness, the fit and the feel! Thank. :)

    • Anna says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed it! Here’s what Dawn has said about the slight changes between Bright Star Baby and Peachy Green.

      “Peachy Green has a continuous improvement process from listening to customer feedback. Since lauching Peachy Green we’ve improved the leg openings–The legs now roll in better to prevent wicking, reinforced the snaps, and boosted the lining absorbancy. Our goal is to make the best diapers possible.”

      This is one of the things I love most about Peachy Green is the commitment to responding to customer input and the continual desire and ability to improve. I loved the Bright Star Baby AIO’s and I love the Peachy Green AIO’s even more!

  2. Tracy says:

    These diapers seem amazing! Can the AIO be reused throughout the day with new inserts to make the diaper more economical? Or does the pee always soak through to the cover? I love the trimness of the sized diaper, but seems like it would get expensive to buy so many.

    • Anna says:

      Hi Tracy,
      They are amazing! The shell for the Peachy Green Sprout Up AI2 is lined with a moisture resistant fleece, so you can reuse those covers, but with the Solo Luxe AIO, it is lined with absorbent material so I wouldn’t recommend reusing it. The AIO’s are designed to be used once and then washed. So you are right, the AIO is not as economical as the AI2 is.

      At least on my one year old, the One-size AI2 is as trim as the medium size AIO (size 1) is on her.

      Thanks for the questions! Please feel free to ask any other questions you may have :)

  3. Jessica Grimes says:

    Hello! Love the review! Using my 1st peachy green today :D

    I have a question – my LO is little and is on the smallest snaps right now. Does the excess flap on each side lay over the insert ( so the insert is right next to the skin) or is the insert sandwiched between the excess side flaps and the pulled up top part of the diaper? I hope I am making sense! LOL


    Thanks! — Jessica

    • Anna says:

      Hi Jessica!

      Yes that makes sense :) You’ll want to keep the insert next to baby’s skin. Otherwise, if it is sandwiched between the excess side flaps and the top part of the diaper, the moisture from the insert may wick onto the front part of the flaps and it may spread to the side of the diaper and cause them to get wet. DOes that make sense?

      Sorry it took me so long to reply!

I'd love to hear your questions, comments and suggestions!