Peachy Green All In Two!

I fell in love with AIO’s, especially sized ones like Bottombumpers and Peachy Green (only back then they were “Fishnoodles”  )  I wished my whole “stash” could be made up of sized AIO’s, but I couldn’t afford that, so I supplemented with my favorite one-size AIO, GroVia.  I resigned myself to the fact that I would probably never find the perfect AI2.

When I first saw on the Facebook wall for Peachy Green (then it was Bright Star Baby) that the owner, Dawn, was in process of developing an AI2, I was ecstatic!  Peachy Green are the trimmest, stretchies AIO I have tried–so maybe, just maybe the Peachy Green would meet ALL of my picky criteria.

I wanted an AI2 that was:
*made with natural fibers
*had snap-in inserts
*and of course, CUTE!

Immediately I proceeded to email Dawn and shared with her my hopes that the new AI2 would be all those things and she most graciously replied that she thought I would be quite pleased with the final product :)  I can tell you that she was right so far!

I was so excited when it arrived that I tried it on my daughter before it was even prepped!  The fit was perfect and I could not believe my eyes–it was unbelievably trim!  And I don’t mean, “trim for an AI2,” I mean trim for any diaper–even an AIO!  I ended up leaving it on her for almost 3 hours and she both wet and had a bm and it fully contained everything and washed up beautifully!  I love that I am getting the great look and fit of my fav AIO’s with the added cost-saving benefits of a ONE SIZE AI2 (i.e. each insert I swap out = less $ spent per change!).

Obviously, we have not had enough experience with it yet for me to give you a full review of this diaper, but I do not think I will be disappointed.

THE DETAILS (from product tags):
Peachy Green One-Size, All In Two Cover
*Gentle Elastic
*Soft microfleece inner
*Side snaps for a smooth belly
*3 rise settings fit babies 8-35lbs

Re-use the shell for multiple diaper changes with Peachy Green One Size Soakers.  100% Polyester.

Peachy Green One Size Soaker Two Pack
Six layers of plush, soft bamboo fleece to keep your baby cuddly dry.
Easy to use:
*Adjust the soaker length
*Snap in to Peachy Green All In Two Diaper
*Remove when wet or soiled and store in dry pail until wash day.

70% bamboo viscose, 30% organic cotton.

Sewn in USA of imported fabric.

Now for what you really wanted–PICTURES!


Left:  Front of AI2, smallest rise  Right: Front of AI2, largest rise

Back of AI2 


Left:  Side view of AI2  Right:  View of AI2 crotch

Left:  View of AI2 from top  Right:  Diaper fully open on largest rise
Bottom: Inside AI2 Shell.


Next:  The One-Size Insert

Left:  Inserts in Package   Right:  Top of Insert
Left:  Back of insert, snapped to medium rise  Right:  Back, unsnapped




I don’t know how else to end this post, other than to say, This diaper is THE ONE.  And yes, I mean “the one” the same way I meant it when I told my friends that my (now) husband was The One for me!  After months of trying many of the AI2’s the cloth diaper world had to offer and generally liking most of them, I have found what I started out looking for.  A one-size, all-in-two, cloth diaper that was absorbent, trim, stretchy, cute and made from natural fibers.

Granted, I’ve had this diaper in my possession for slightly more than 72 hours, so I may be a fool rushing in, but as of this minute I am head over heels in love!  I have already sold some of my other diapers to fund some more of these :)

Can’t wait until 2012 to get your hands on the new AI2?  Did you know that there are some “seconds” available for an amazing price?  Hop on over HERE to snag one while they’re still available!  Covers are $14.95-$15.95 and Soakers are only $6/each!!

Action shots can be found here!


The AI2’s are available at:
Peachy Green Diapers

My Blossom Bottom

PS….I have to show you my new favorite Peachy Green print EVER!

Action shots of the AI2 on my daughter coming soon!  Become a Facebook fan for updates!


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