Help Me Decide!

Are you feeling overwhelmed with all the choices and decisions?  Not sure where to shop, what to buy or how many to get?  I’d love to help you out!  The only reason I didn’t end up doing cloth diapers with my oldest was because I was so overwhelmed, I couldn’t make a decision, so I just stuck with disposables.  I’d hate for that to be an obstacle for you too.

If you want advice or help building a customized shopping list, feel free to email me and I’ll work with you to try and find the right option(s) for your situation, preferences and priorities.  It doesn’t cost anything and there are no obligations whatsoever. 

You can contact me at:
modmamma @ googlemail dot com

2 Responses to Help Me Decide!

  1. Sierra says:

    Hi Anna! I sent you an email a few days back and I just wanted to make sure you got it.

    Sierra Carlson

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