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Have you ever tried a diaper and thought, “Oh man, this would be the perfect diaper if it just……” (fill in the blank)?  I know I have.  Before I overcame my fear of pinning, I often found myself thinking that I would LOVE my Sustainablebabyish Snapless fitted even more if they had snaps on them.  I loved their stretchiness, their luxurious softness, and their absorbency, but sometimes, I just wanted the convenience of snaps.   In fact, I even added snaps to one of my snapless diapers!  Apparently, I wasn’t the only one that pined for snaps on her snapless, because yesterday (November 16, 2012) Sustainablebabyish introduced their brand new diaper.

Happy Little Clouds are the newest bamboo terry fitteds from Sustainablebabyish|Sloomb and are a two size system.  According to the Sloomb website:  “HLCs are soft, trim, and super absorbent – the fluffiest must-have diaper for your little hipsters!”  I was lucky enough yesterday to be able to attend the Sloomb Soirée and not only see the adorable new “Happy Little Clouds” diapers, but also buy some!  Specifically, I bought one in each size so that I could compare them and share the pictures here on the blog with you all!   I haven’t had the chance to try them out yet, so this won’t be a full review, just a crazy photo bomb of these awesomely fluffy diapers.

BRAND:  Sustainablebabyish|Sloomb
TYPE:  Fitted
CLOSURE:  Snaps!
SIZING:  2 sizes;  Size 1 fits most babies 7-15lbs, Size 2 fits most babies 15-35lbs.
MATERIAL:  Bamboo|Cotton Terry Body; Organic Bamboo Fleece Snap In Soaker
PRICE:  $29.00
Made in the USA!  (My tag says “Made in Colorado”) 

HLCs are 2-size fitted cloth diapers from Sloomb – same cut as our snapless fitted line, now with the ease of snaps!  Great for day or night-time use, HLCs have a heavy bamboo|cotton terry body with turned and topstitched leg elastic and a double-length 3-layer snap-in OBF soaker.  Add more doublers for additional layers. Size 1 has a newborn snap-down. Size 2 has a fold-down rise to grow with your kiddies.

Can I just say that I love the name “Happy Little Clouds”?  That is exactly what these are. If you read my post on the Sustainablebabyish|Sloomb Ethos and why I love the company so much, you may remember me saying that the snapless fitteds, “. . . weren’t just fitteds, they were dreamy clouds of sophisticated luxury”  So, I obviously think the name is very apropos :)

As I mentioned, I bought both sizes because I felt it would be most helpful for you to see them in comparison with each other.  I also will be comparing the HLC fitteds to the Snapless fitted in an upcoming post.

The size 1 HLC is in the refreshing “Curacao” and the size 2 is in the ironically calming “Storm”  color.

In each “series,” the top photo will show the the diapers on their smaller size setting, with the size 1 snapped down, and the size 2 folded over (how this is done will be shown later in the post).  The bottom will show them at the largest size setting.


I’m going to briefly interrupt your viewing here to point out that on the size 2, you’ll notice that you can see the extra fabric from being folded over.  

And the size 2 by itself (you can double click on the photos to see them at full size):

Size 1 on top of size 2 for length comparison
.  You can see that the front and the back of the diaper are serged, while the leg casings are turned and topstitched.

Size 1 is on top, size 2 on bottom.
 This is the front outside of the HLC.  You’ll notice that the size 1 and size 2 vary slightly in design here.  The size 1 has snaps across the belly for the wings to attach to, and a single snap set to snap down the rise.  The size 2 also has snaps across the belly for the wings to attach to, but its snaps to adjust the rise are different.  Do you see three snap caps across the top of the grey (size 2) diaper?  When the diaper is folded over to adjust the rise, those three snaps will be used for the wings to attach to.  Don’t worry if you’re confused, there are more pictures coming which will further clarify.
Do you see how the Size 1 is snapped down (Blue diaper) and the Size 2 is folded over–and the snap caps that were on the front are the sockets for the wing snaps to go into :)  If you are like me, you might find yourself wondering, “Why only 3 snaps on the size 2 when it’s folded over?”  I pondered it for a bit while snapping these pics at midnight, and here’s what my sleep deprived brain decided:  When the rise is folded over, baby will be smaller so you wouldn’t need as many snaps for the waist, because theoretically, baby’s waist will be small. Also, keeping unnecessary snaps away, leave less possible points for irritation.

As I mentioned earlier, the back wings are serged.  This allows them to flex and stretch with ease, ensuring you get an optimal fit.

The inside of the body (shell) of the HLC is the same amazingly soft bamboo|cotton terry as the outside.  The insert is made from 3 layers of super thirsty organic bamboo fleece.  So when it’s doubled over, that means 6 layers of absorbency in the insert alone.

As you can see, the insert snaps into the FRONT of the diaper–just like it does on the Sbish OBF and the Blueberry Bamboo fitted.

The insert is a long “Snake” style that folds over in half at the middle.  The snaps are attached at the back.
You can customize the diaper to meet the absorbency needs of your child by folding part of the insert over.  For instance, I fold the top part of it over for my daughter like this:

Leg Casing
The leg casing on the Happy Little Clouds is a gentle turned & topstitched casing–just like the Sbish snapless.  This protects little legs from irritation just in case your sweet little one is one of the few babies whose skin can’t tolerate serged edges.

I hope that this has been a helpful post for you!  As someone who has only had the opportunity to see a diaper in person before I purchased it once, I know how challenging it can be to have to decide if a diaper is right for you based solely off a short description and one or two pictures.  My desire in posting this is that you will feel like you have seen the diaper in person and have all the information to make your decision with confidence.  If there is something that you still need to see, please feel free to comment here on the blog, my Facebook page, or you can contact me via email at: modmamma@googlemail.com

You may also be interested in my review of the Sustainablebabyish|Sloomb Snapless Fitted or my quick comparison of the Snapless vs. Happy Little Clouds.  If you want to know when I post my full comparison of the Snapless Fitted to the Happly Little Clouds fitted, be sure to like Haute Clothed Buns of Facebook :)

You can purchase Sustainablebabyish Happy Little Clouds Fitteds directly from www.sloomb.com .   

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