GroVia Hybrid (AI2) Photo Review


GroVia offers two closure choices in 4 adorable prints and 3 sweet solids–how will you ever choose?

My personal favorite is the hook & loop (similar to velcro) owl print cover.  Usually, I HATE velcro on my cloth diapers, but we get a much better fit and the laundry tabs on this cover are AMAZING!

Cover Details:  As I mentioned above, the cover is available in both a snap and hook and loop closure.  The insideis lined with mesh and there is a snap at either end of the cover to snap in the organic cotton soaker (which is not included in this review).  The front has  snap-down rise, making this a “one-size” diaper that fits most babies from 8-35lbs!

The following gallery contains several images to help you get a better understanding of the cover.  Click on an image if you would like to see a larger picture.

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GroVia covers are excellently constructed.  I find that I “reach” for my GroVia aplix over before any other cover.  We use our GroVia cover with the BioSoakers, GroVia organic cotton insert, over a trifolded prefold, flat diaper, Bum Genius Flip inserts or fitted diapers.

They are very easy to care for and are quite durable, provide you care for them as instructed.

TIP:  To keep the mesh smelling fresh when using the covers with reusable inserts, simply rotate covers–let the first one air dry and put the secod one on baby’s bum.

These BioSoakers are nothing short of AMAZING!  Simply put, they are the best disposable liners available in my opinion.

They are very compact.  They fit in the palm of my hand and are smaller in size than a preemie sized diaper when folded!Did you know that GroVia BioSoakers are backed with a biodegradable waterproof material to help your cover stay clean?  They have great (almost too good) sticky tabs that can be affixed to pretty much any cover.  Too keep them from sticking too firmly in your cover, it helps to press the sticky parts against your pants or shirt before putting it inside your cover.  GroVia recommends letting them sit for a moment to cool for easy removal.

For more super helpful tips on GroVia Covers & BioSoakers, check out this link to ItsyBitsyBums!

Check out the gussets!  These amazing soakers are great poo stoppers!  While doing our little photo-shoot, my daughter had a BM and the BioSoaker did a fabulous job of keeping things contained and off the cover.  This makes this especially great for traveling since you won’t want to be washing the covers all the time!

We have used 40 BioSoakers so far and have yet to have a leak or blowout!  According to GroVia’s FB page (posted 4/4/11) the will absorb approximately 15.6 oz!

Ultra Trim!  GroVia BioSoakers are super duper slim–and yet somehow they manage to be absorbent and environmentally friendly.


We LOVE our GroVia BioSoakers!!

Available at:

Itsy Bitsy
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7 Responses to GroVia Hybrid (AI2) Photo Review

  1. Mary says:

    Great review…I’m loving them all, and your photos are fantastic! Just thought I’d point out that the BioSoaker package says that the sticky tabs are for sticking them in underwear as trainers, not for sticking them in the covers. I’ve heard a few people say that they have trouble getting them “unstuck” from the snaps.

  2. Kim says:

    Actually, you may stick them in your Shells or underwear. A little tip: let your soiled Shell/BioSoaker sit for a moment before peeling the BioSoaker out. It should peel easily out of your shell!

  3. Jennifer says:

    FYI, I’ve heard from GroVia employees that you can stick them in trainers, or in the diaper shells. They will work fine in the shells without the sticky tabs in a shell, but I like to stick them on just for extra security since I have such an active little one. If you’re having issues getting them unstuck from a shell, GroVia has mentioned that you can simply let them cool a bit before peeling them off. The sticky tabs react to body heat, so when they cool down to room temp, they’ll peel off in a jiffy.

    Amazing review. I am in love with GroVia. After trying their diaper for the first time, I knew I immediately had to get more and sold off the entire rest of my stash to make our family a GroVia exclusive family. Their AIOs are absolutely amazing too! So trim yet absorbent. Thanks for the review. I’m all about people spreading the GroVia love!

    • Anna says:

      Thanks Jennifer! Kim from GroVia just mentioned the same thing–I’m glad to hear it works–that’s the only issue I’ve ever encountered with the BioSoakers so it’s nice to know there’s a simple solution :)

      I love the GroVia AIO’s as well :) GroVia is a fabulous company–I love both their products and their commitment to customer service!

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