Flip Diaper Review

I’ve invited Kathryn Bailey to do a guest review of Bum Genius’ Flip Hybrid Cloth diaper system.  Kathryn has been using the Flip system exclusively for over 6 months, so I felt that Kathryn would have a more accurate perspective on the entire range of Flip products and that  her evaluation of Flip would be more holistic than mine, since I only use them occasionally.

FLIP Diapers Review:  Our Single System Diaper of Choice
by Kathryn Bailey

The other day I was discussing cloth diapers with my fellow CD Mamas and found myself growing wistful as I listened to them talking about AIOs, Pockets, Wools, Flats and every other type of diaper I don’t have. For half a minute I started to imagine myself the owner of a colorful and varied diaper stash, choosing from option after option as I changed my son…

But then I came back to reality. Because, for my family, a single system makes sense. We don’t have all the latest trendy diapers on the market. We have one diaper in our drawers: FLIP Diapers. They’re absolutely the best answer for us. And it’s because they’re pretty much all we use that Anna asked me to blog about them.

When first I suggested cloth diapers to my husband a year ago he turned greener than a fresh spring lawn. He couldn’t imagine that I, his loving wife, would force upon him an archaic system of toilet dunking, pin sticking, and the ever tedious wrapping of flat squares around round, wiggling bottoms. Luckily for him, I had no intention of doing that. I knew just enough about cloth diapers to know that today’s diapers are nothing like the diapers my sweet mother endured.

Since my husband is a stay-at-home dad, I knew I’d have to work hard to convince him that cloth diapering was the best answer for our family. Especially since he’d be the one using them most AND washing all the laundry!)

As we started our research on the overwhelming world of cloth diaper options, we were fortunate enough to meet a woman who runs a cloth diapering support group. She invited us to her home to look at different types of diapers, to get a hands-on feel for them, and to see them on live models (AKA – her cute kiddos). It was wonderful! I let hubby take the reins and was fascinated to see how he reacted to each of the options.

Remember goldilocks and her porridge? Too hot, too cold, just right? It was like that for my husband. He thought flats and contours and snappies would be too much work. He thought the AIOs would take too long to dry. He HATED the thought of reaching into a dirty pocket diaper to pull an insert out. He didn’t want the headache of a Velcro diaper train or a toddler who understood how to undo Velcro. He didn’t want to buy sized diapers just to turn around and buy new sizes. It was beginning to look hopeless. Until the sweet cloth diapering mama brought out her Flips with snaps.

My husband fell in love almost right away. He loved how the Stay Dry inserts still felt dry even when wet. He love how easy it was to “FLIP” them into the cover, and how after they were used he could “FLIP” them over a wet bag and never have to touch a dirty insert. (That was a key seller for sure!) He loved how the colors stayed bright after years of use (we couldn’t believe how old they were when she told us – they still looked new!). He loved the snap system that allowed a perfect fit for little ones and for her potty-training son at the same time. He loved how affordable they were. He even loved how easy it was to stuff the oh-so-ample covers with additional inserts for nighttime and heavy wetters.

As for me? I just loved that my husband loved cloth diapers!

After an afternoon of playing with diapers, he turned to me and said, “Baby, if this is the diaper we can have, I’ll do it.” We committed to a single system and committed to making cloth diapering work. My mother threw me an incredible cloth diaper baby shower where we got enough FLIP diapers and inserts to last us through potty-training. We’ve loved them every step of our journey and wouldn’t trade them for all the AIOs, Pockets, Wools, and Flats in the world!

So when I hear mothers talking about the different diapers they’re trying out, or when I read articles about how it’s more sensible to buy a variety of diaper types before investing in just one kind, I know to remind myself that I am blessed beyond measure to have a husband who cloth diapers. A husband who washes cloth diapers. A husband who is actually excited about cloth diapers! If having that means keeping my promise to him that we’d keep things simple, and stick to a single system, than it is so worth it to me.

Bum Genius Flip
Material:  Cover is PUL, Stay Dry insert is polyesther microfiber terry and the Organic insert is 100% organic cotton.
Size:  One size fits babies approximately 7-35lbs
Closure:  Both snaps and aplix (velcro) are available.
 Price:  $13.95 for the cover, $3.95 stay-dry insert, $7.95 organic cotton insert.  VALUE PACK PRICING available.



Above:  The stay dry insert is a long microfiber insert topped with soft, smooth stay-dry fleece.  The Organic insert is a light yellow colored organic cotton insert that is a rectangle that you fold in thirds (as shown above) to obtain the proper size.

Below:  The stay dry insert is microfiber terry on the underside and has lines that are stitched down enabling easy folding for size adjustments.  Each size is labled–simply fold over to obtain a small or medium size, or leave fully extended for the large size.  The soft fleece side should always be against baby’s skin as the microfiber terry side can cause irritation.

The organic insert is very much like a prefold made with organic cotton jersey.  It has lines stitched across it so you can fold it to fit the size you need.

So for those of you reading this to learn more about FLIP diapers, here are some thoughts I can add after six months of use:

– We live in Germany with the hardest water I’ve ever seen. While most moms are stripping diapers once a month, we’re into six months of use and I’m only just now thinking of stripping them. – The covers dry amazingly fast. You won’t need to put them in the dyer. I can shake them dry on my way up to the nursery and they’re ready just that fast. – These diapers can really, really, hold a lot. Even for heavy wetter who can sleep 12 hours in a stretch! Until recently, we haven’t had problems with leaks or blow-outs. It’s definitely time to strip, but after 6 great months with constant hard water use, I can hardly complain.

– While a lot of CD mamas complain about bulky diapers, FLIP has been great fit for us. My son has never not been able to fit his clothes because of a diaper. For the most part, he’s always been his age in size. At 3 months he was wearing 3 month clothes; at 6 months he’s wearing 6 month clothes. – The one size fits all system is a dream come true. My son started wearing his Flips around 5 weeks old. They are not for newborns, but that’s okay because they aren’t advertised for newborns. They fit great on him at 5 weeks, but they also fit great on my cousin who’s going on two years old. The snap down system is really incredible in the flexibility it gives you. – We have eight colors (white, cream, light green, light blue, dark green, dark blue, orange, and yellow) and I love how bright and clean they stay wash after wash. I also love how truly gender neutral they are, and how confident I feel that I will use them again for a second child, regardless of gender – which is a hard thing to say about many of the patterned covers these days.

– We have tried both Stay Dry and Organic Inserts by FLIP. The Stay Drys are by far our favorite because our son’s little bum truly does stay dry and rash free! The organics are much bulkier and get stiffer in the wash. I know CD mamas who swear by them, but for us, the Stay Dry inserts are always our go-to first.

– These are some of the most economical, yet quality diapers as far as price: A $13 cover + $11 for three inserts = $8 a diaper. And that’s BEFORE you get them on sale. Use six inserts in a cover (the max recommended) and you’re now down to less than six bucks a diaper. Again, that’s the price you’d pay if you weren’t buying them on sale. I wouldn’t go much cheaper because you start to lose quality. But any more expensive and I really think you start buying for looks. And really, at less than six dollars a diaper you can’t lose.

– I have friends who are potty training who still use their FLIPs because they go up in size so well and are so very absorbent.

Thanks Kathryn!!   Kathryn brought her adorable little man Eric over to do a Flip photo shoot, but I was so distracted by his adorable little face that most of the “action shots” ended up focusing on his gorgeous eyes instead of his fluffy bum :)  Still, you can see how well they fit him and how trim they are on him.

If you’d like to check out FLIP diapers for your little one, please click on one of the links below. Not only are these some of the best cloth retailers, linking through this blog helps support the incredible free diaper education service provided by Haute Clothed Buns

~Kathryn Bailey



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8 Responses to Flip Diaper Review

  1. Thu says:

    Thank you, Kathryn, for your wonderful review and for having Anna take such beautiful pictures of your son (and her daughter, too, of course). I had to smile when I read about your husband being a stay-at-home-dad, because mine is too. And he loves cloth diapering! He had the same concerns at first, and we started off with the GroVia hybrid system, but he is now familiar with AIOs, AI2s, fitteds and prefolds… And he washes them, too ;-) So, three cheers to our wonderful husbands who really care about what comes on their kids’ skin.

    • Anna says:

      I love that you leave comments on the posts! Thanks for taking the time to interact and share your experience!

  2. Es says:

    Hi :) I am also a new soon to be mum and I want to use Flip exclusively (well kinda. I am hoping to mix it up with Diaper Rite which is the same system but their diapers are cheaper at about 9 dollars each). How many covers does one need to use for one child and how many inserts would you recommend. I am new to diapering so I need all the pointers I can get. I also don’t have any stores in my country so I will be ordering online and since it takes ages for them to get here, i would like to order a semi-sufficient amount. Any advice would be welcome :)

    • Anna says:

      Hi :) I really like the diaper rite covers and Highly recommend them! I would say that you will need a minimum of 6 covers to get by, but probably 8-10 would be better and around 24 inserts. If you plan on line drying them rather than using a machine, and your country tends to be cooler, then I would recommend more than 24 inserts. What type of insert will you be using?

  3. Laura says:

    Reading this review- I realized I could have written it… it’s that true! I used them as a FTM and a FTCD user. Hubby was skeptical of CDs, but jumped on board when we discovered these. I chose to purchase them first and only branched out to a few pocket bumgenius for overnights- and quickly sold those. I stuck with the FLIPS exclusively until DD potty trained (2yrs old). We sold our FLIP stash for 75% of what we paid for them new- talk about a great return :) Now that we are expecting our 2nd child we talked about exploring CD options, and after looking at many styles, who knew- we walked out buying our entire CD stash consisting of FLIPS once again!! We like the staydry insert too- and this time branched out beyond the preboxed covers- choosing some more vibrant gender specific colors. Why switch when we were so pleased the first time!?! Must be my pregnancy brain, lol.

    • Anna says:

      Thanks for sharing! Congratulations on baby #2–how exciting :) I love hearing feedback from mamas who have tried something and really love it. I think it is super helpful for other moms out there. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Heather says:

    We have been using our FLIP diapers for two years. What did you do to strip your inserts? I have been researching online and have tried a few different techniques but we are still experiencing leaks at bedtime. Help!

    • Anna says:

      I’m sorry to hear you are still having bedtime leaks. Are the inserts fully saturated when they leak? If you take a clean, dry insert and drip some water on it, what happens?
      I’ve used Original Blue Dawn as well as RLR to strip. I haven’t had a chance to try it, but I’ve heard that the new GroVia Diaper RX product is really great too.

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