A Beginner’s Guide to a Cloth Diaper Baby Registry

A Beginner’s Guide to a Cloth Diaper Baby Registry
By Kathryn Bailey

You’ve decided you want to cloth diaper. Whether you’re doing it for your baby, your checkbook, your planet, or any other reason, I commend you. Cloth diapering is a great decision no matter how you arrive at it!

We all know cloth diapering can save you a fortune in the long run. BUT – there’s a pretty big upfront cost. Especially if you’re a mama like me who wants to add boosters and liners and special detergents to the mix. Long term they’re so worth it! But how do you afford it all now?

Allow me to propose the idea of a cloth diaper baby registry. They’re more popular then you might realize. Friends and family are excited to celebrate your new arrival. They’re going to want to shower you with gifts anyway. So, before they all rush out and buy you a hundred sets of newborn socks that won’t fit past the first week, why not suggest they help you build towards a bigger goal: caring for your baby and environment through cloth diapering.

Finding a place to register is easy. Now that major chains like Wal-Mart, Target, Babies R Us, and Amazon carry cloth diapers you can easily add your cloth diaper wish list to the other baby items you register for. Alternatively, you can go with a cloth diaper website like Diaper Junction or Everything Birth that will cater exclusively to your cloth diaper needs.

Ones you know where you want to register, start window shopping! A couple of tips as you create your registry:

1)Dream Big. Don’t limit yourself to registering for just that which you think people might buy. Register for what you want. Sure, there’s no guarantee you’ll get everything. But if you don’t at least put it on your registry, chances are good you won’t get it. If nothing else, you’re creating a shopping list for a later date.

2)Think outside the diaper! Sure, you really need cloth diapers. But where will you put them when they’re wet? How about a wet bag! And what will you do for overnights? Try boosters or doublers! What about liners for when baby has a rash and you have to use diaper cream? Heck, while you’re at it, why not register for diaper cream that’s cloth diaper friendly? Don’t forget cloth diaper friendly detergent and swim diapers, too. As you start to shop around you’ll see that there’s a lot more to cloth diapers then just the diapers.

3)Avoid Brand Tunnel. It’s easy to find a diaper you like and then get stuck thinking about that brand only. The great thing about cloth diapers, though, is that options are endless! Feel free to register for wet bags from one company and liners from another. What matters most is that you’re picking items you know you need and will use.

4)Register for Gift Certificates. When all else fails, let them know you want a gift certificate. There’s bound to be an item you wanted but didn’t get. A gift certificate will allow you to fill those gaps in at no cost to you!

Registries are a great way to get help start your cloth diaper stash. Even if this isn’t your first baby, it’s still okay to do a registry. And if you’re starting to cloth diaper late? Do a registry anyway! Pick a holiday or an event (like your little one’s birthday) and let people know about your commitment to cloth diaper. You’ll be surprised how many friends and family members will want to help out.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and register!

Here is a short list of some great cloth diaper stores that offer registries:
Mom’s Milk Boutique

Diaper Junction




And remember you can register for cloth diapers on Amazon too!

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Kathryn Bailey is a full-time working, full-time nursing, full-time cloth diapering mama of one. She and her husband met while serving together in Afghanistan and are now raising their five month old son in Germany. She is passionate about traveling (her son visited seven countries in the womb!) and writing. Her previous works include a weekly column with Foster’s Daily Democrat; her book, Letters to Home from a Faraway Girl; and her four blogs. You can laugh through her pregnancy and parenting adventures at http://babybaileyblog.wordpress.com/.

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