GroVia Kiwi Pie Fitted Review


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GroVia’s Kiwi Pie fitted diaper is one I’ve had in my cloth diaper stash for quite a while and one that I have really enjoyed.  I hope you find this review informative and very helpful!

*Please note that the diaper pictured in this review was purchased by me and neither myself nor Michelle have received any sort of compensation for this review.  The thoughts and opinions expressed here are our honest opinions.


Kiwi Pie
50% Micromodal/50% pima cotton 
Sizing:  Fits most babies 10-35lbs
in the USA

Description from GroVia’s Website:

Kiwi Pie is GroVia®’s nod to old school cloth diapering that incorporates modern materials and luxurious style. Sewn right here in the United States, key elements for Kiwi Pie are milled here at home.

Inner Body: 50% Micromodal/50% pima cotton | Print Layer: 100% cotton

What makes MicroModal™ so special?

  • Modal comes from Beech trees
  • It is 50% more hygroscopic (water-absorbent) per unit volume than cotton
  • It stays soft wash after wash
  • It is more resistant to mineral deposits from hard water
  • Includes two 4-layer soakers that can be used apart or together, depending on absorbency needs
  • REQUIRES A COVER.  Your favorite GroVia Shell or Kiwi Pie Wool Cover will work perfectly!

GroVia Kiwi Pie fitted diapers feature vibrant prints your little one will love.  The 50% Micromodal/50% pima cotton blend material is soft to the hand and easy to care for.  On the front, you’ll notice a snap down rise so you can customize the size to fit your baby’s needs as he/she grows.




Top left:  Back of diaper   Top Right:  View of stride/crotch of diaper
Bottom left:  Side view of diaper        Bottom Right:  View of waist

As you can see, the entire diaper has been serged rather than turned and top-stitched.  Serged diapers provide excellent stretch and flexibility which of course lends to a better fitting diaper.  Serging also tends to be gentler on little legs and waists than turned & topstitched diapers with encased elastic.  However, there are a small number of babies with extra-sensitive skin that experience irritation (redness) due to the serging.  The serged edges of the Kiwi Pie are exceptionally soft, so I would guess that the chances of irritation due to the serging would be very low.
2013-10-15_0003 - Copy

TOP:  Front panel of the GroVia Kiwi Pie.  There is a single row of snaps across the waist and one set of rise snaps.

Bottom:  Back waist panel of the GroVia Kiwi Pie.  You can see the snaps on either side of the wings, with the cross over snap sockets on the right tab.


Oh SNAP!   The GroVia Kiwi Pie fitted features snap closures, which are GREAT because they are durable, look nice over the life-span of the diaper and are very unlikely to wear out.  And, in the rare case that one falls off after the warranty expires, snaps are actually quite easy & quick to replace.

Why no option for velcro closure?  I can’t say for sure, but my guess is that it’s because more often than not, velcro/hook & loop closures not only wear out faster than snaps, but they also tend to be problematic when washing the diaper and have a tendency to snag the material of the diaper and make it look pilly and icky.

You’ll notice in the photo on the bottom left that the snaps are configured so that the wing tabs can cross over one another to provide a snug fit on smaller babies…AND…cross-over snaps are FABULOUSO because it’s very easy to bundle up a poopy diaper and snap it shut.  You can’t do that with snaps that don’t cross-over on the wings!  Huge bonus in my book…especially if you happened to forget your wetbag and your precious babe gifts you with a stinky diaper when you’re out and about (not that I would ever forget my wetbag…cough, cough!)
2013-10-15_0002 - Copy

LEFT:  View of outstretched diaper from the outside
RIGHT:  View of outstretched diaper from the inside; with soakers attached.

2013-10-15_0004 - Copy

LEG ELASTIC:  Kiwi Pie fitteds feature a very unique leg elastic style.  The leg opening is serged and the elastic is secured NOT in a casing as is most common, but by zig-zag stitching it into place.  This seems to ensure a very gentle, yet secure enclosure that is soft and comfortable.


SOAKERS (aka: Inserts)

The Kiwi Pie inserts are made up of two, 4 layer soakers which can be used together for maximum absorbency; or they can be used individually for a trimmer fit with lighter absorbency.  This feature provides you with the benefit of being able to customize both the fit and absorbency to meet the unique needs of your situation (daytime, naptime, night time etc.).

LEFT: The inside of the diaper without the soakers.  As you can see, there are no snap sockets for the soakers.  You simply lay them atop the inside of the diaper.

RIGHT:  Here the soakers have been set on top of the inside of the diaper (I spread them apart so you could see both of them).


LEFT:  Top inside of diaper
 Bottom inside of diaper

LEFT:  The two soakers can be snapped together and used at the same time; or you can separate them and only use one.  I imagine that if you needed lighter absorbency during the day, you could use just one of the soakers and save the other one to use at night time in addition to the two soakers, giving you a total of 3 soakers for super absorbency!

RIGHT:  The underside of the soakers is the natural micromodal/cotton fabric.



Kiwi Pie Fitted  Evaluation/Review by Haute Clothed Buns team member Michelle.

Baby J’s size:  24mos, 36”, 33lbs

How does it fit through the rise? Across the bum? Through the crotch? Around the thighs?  Generous, but trim fit across the bum. Trim through the crotch. The way the elastic is serged on the thighs allows for an adjustable, snug fit. Rise hits just below the belly button.

 Did you find this diaper to be trim? Average? Bulky?
For a fitted, these are very trim.

Does the bulk hind or impede mobility in any way?


Is your child a light, medium or heavy wetter?  Medium

Did the diaper leak? If so describe (where, was it recurring, etc.).


Does the diaper work for daytime? Naptime? Overnight?  We used this diaper for both daytime and naptime with no issues. During the day, he went about 3 hours before it started to feel damp on the outside. For naptime, we used a wool cover with no leaks. It is not quite absorbent enough for a nighttime diaper for us (we used it with a wool cover, and had some compression leaks in the morning) It might have been ok had we added a doubler.

 Did you need to add additional absorbency for naps or night? What did you use?  No additional absorbency needed for naps.

How does it compare absorbency wise to other diapers you’ve used?  This diaper is just as absorbent as some other AIOs we have tried (GroVia and Swaddlebees Simplex)


What did you like?  Natural fibers, option of using 1 or 2 inserts, cute prints, the elastic at the leg holes and the back, good absorbency, dries quickly.

What did you dislike? The inserts lay flat in the diaper, and after moving around for a couple hours, they bunched up in the crotch, and he kept tugging at it. I think this could be solved if the inserts snapped in.

What improvements would you like to see in this diaper?
Snap in inserts.

 Would you recommend it to a friend? Why or why not?  Yes, I would recommend this diaper. Trim, absorbent, adorable prints.


Is the price fair? Too High?  I feel the price is average for a quality fitted.


Baby J’s size:  24mos, 36”, 33lbs

2013-10-15_0013 - Copy 2013-10-15_0012 2013-10-15_0011


The GroVia Kiwi Pie is a fitted I (Anna) have used on my daughter and I really, really liked it.  It’s soft and I found that it stayed soft for as long as we owned it (my daughter has since potty trained).  It fit my daughter well and it was a great option for a daytime & naptime fitted.  Alone it wasn’t quite enough for overnight, but with an additional insert, it worked perfectly.   This is a fitted diaper so it DOES require a cover.  We preferred to use it with wool (I like GroVia’s Kiwi Pie wool soaker or Sustainablebabyish wool longies), but you can use it with waterproof covers as well.

The diaper is made very well and should you encounter a problem, I can personally vouch for the customer service of GroVia & their warranty–provided you have followed the care instructions. For a high quality, natural fiber fitted with cute prints, I find the Kiwi Pie to be competitively priced; I am aware of few other fitteds with these criteria that cost less.  However, there are more basic fitteds available for less if cost is a concern to you.

As you read in Michelle’s evaluation, Michelle finds that the Kiwi Pie is a trim, absorbent quality fitted that is fairly priced, making it a diaper she would recommend to a friend.  I do agree with Michelle’s assessment that the diaper could be improved by adding snap-in soakers so that they don’t shift while being worn by an active baby, but other than that, I think this is an awesome fitted that I highly recommend as well!

Not sure where to buy one?  Below are links from three of my favorite places to buy cloth diapers.  Shopping through these affiliate links also helps to support this blog and offest the costs of running it  :)

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Itti Bitti Luxury Wetbag Review & Giveaway

Itti Bitti Luxury Wetbags are something I have admired from afar for quite awhile and have really wanted to try out.  As you might imagine, I was pretty excited when Michelle from Green Diaper Demos sent me one to try out for this review and giveaway!

This review was originally supposed to run in conjunction with our Itti Bitti Boo fitted cloth diaper review, but unfortunately, my camera died and I had to wait (forever!) for it to come back from the repair shop. My sincerest apologies to Michelle for falling through on this.  Please note that while this wetbag was a gift, it did NOT influence my opinion in any way.  What is shared here is my honest review.



BRAND:  Itti Bitti
STYLE:  Zippered Wet Bag
SIZE:  This is a medium sized wetbag.  It fits 4-5 diapers (I can fit  6 trim AIO’s).  It is approximately 13×10.5 inches.
MATERIAL:  Minky outer with PUL laminated on the backside (inside) of the minky.
PRICE:  $14.95

DSC_1430DSC_1437 DSC_1438

The Itty Bitty Luxury Wetbag is really, really soft.  In fact, my littlest is absolutely in love with it and I have found her more than once pretending that it was her blankie!  The other day when the Itty Bitty bag was in the wash, we had our Imagine dinosaur wet bag in the bathroom.  When she went to put her dirty cloth wipe into the bag, she remarked, “The dinosaur bag is not usually soft.  I like the soft bag.”

Aside from the bag being luxuriously soft, it works well.  When I say that it works, I mean that it keeps the wet & the stink in.  I went so far as to put an overnight diaper with stinky toddler urine zipped in the wetbag, and I left it in there for FOUR DAYS (on purpose) in our tiny bathroom.  Guess what?  Even at the end of those four days, with three additional dirty diapers (one from each subsequent night), there was no funky, nasty smell coming from the wetbag.  I was duly impressed!!

This wetbag is a great size–it’s perfect for throwing in your purse or diaper bag.  Or, once you have a day trained toddler, it’s just the right size for collecting night time diapers and cloth wipes used during the day.

For outings, I did find myself missing having a dry pouch on the wetbag.  I tend to like to put my clean items in the dry pouch, and then putting the dirty items in the wet pouch when we’re done with them.  However, I’m a bit of a minimalist, and don’t love carrying a big diaper bag. So, if you tote a diaper bag along with you, this won’t be a problem for you :)

The only other minor improvement I can think to suggest is that I’d love it even more if the Itti Bitti Luxury wetbag had a strap so I could hang it in the bathroom or when I’m out and about, to carry it with.  Again, this really is minor and doesn’t really detract from the cuteness, effectiveness or convenience of this great little wetbag.

This is definitely a great wetbag option and I highly recommend it!

Thanks again to Green Diaper Demos for sponsoring this review and Giveaway!!  Be sure to stop by and check out the store.  Michelle is absolutely amazing when it comes to cloth diapering–she is incredibly knowledgeable and experienced in all things cloth diaper related.  If you’ve got a question, I can guarantee she will have the answer or find it for you!


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Itti Bitti Boo Fitted Cloth Diaper Review


DSC_5607Itti Bitti Boo fitteds are super-luxurious, ultra-soft and exceptionally versatile cloth diapers that hail from Australia!   Would you believe that these lush fitteds are made with 90% natural fibers–like the buttery soft bamboo/cotton velour outer.

Brand:  Itti Bitti
Style:  Fitted
Closure:  Snap
Material:  Bamboo/Cotton velour Outer shell, bamboo/organic cotton soakers.
Size Range:  Small fits most babies 8-16lbs, Medium 14-26lbs, 23-37lbs.
Price:  $22.95

The Haute Clothed Buns team has had the amazing opportunity to try out these awesome diapers, thanks to the generousity of Michelle at Green Diaper Demos.  Other than having the opportunity to try out the Itti Bitti Boo for two weeks, review team member Emma has not been compensated  in any way or received any incentives for writing this review.  The opinions expressed are her honest thoughts and experiences.


The diaper in the following photos are of an Itti Bitti Boo size medium.





From the SideDSC_5560





Aside from being lovely and lush, Itti Bitti Boos are designed to be absorbent and versatile as well.  You can customize the same diaper to be a trim daytime fitted, a super absorbent night time fitted, or somewhere in the middle–just right for naps!  Itti Bitti Boo fitteds are SIZED rather than one-size fits most.  The benefit of sized fitteds is that you get a better (i.e. more precise) fit and it will tend to be trimmer, especially on smaller babies, than a one-size fit.  The downside of course, is that it is not as economical since you have to buy new diapers each time your baby outgrows the various size ranges.  Thankfully, Itti Bitti Boos are some of the most economically priced luxury fitteds on the market!

SIZE COMPARISON:  Below, is a photo of a medium Itti Bitti Boo (orange) compared to a large Itti Bitti Boo (turquoise).


SNAPS!  Itti Bitti Boo fitteds feature snap closures.  I love that they have “crossover tabs”–female snaps on the wing tab, so that the other wing can crossover the waist and fasten onto opposite tab–this enables the diaper to a)offer a smaller waist size option and b)wrap up in a tidy little package when it’s dirty!DSC_5564

ELASTIC CASING in the Itti Bitti Boo is an encased style, which means there is a special channel sewn specifically for the elastic to go into.
Waist Elastic:  DSC_5585

Leg Elastic.  In addition to the leg elastic being enclosed, I also want to point out the the diaper is turned and top-stitched as opposed to being serged.  Many parents find this preferable as serging can occasionally irritate baby’s sensitive skin.DSC_5584DSC_5583

As you can see, inside the Itti Bitti Boo is the same velvety soft bamboo, so only the softest material will be touching your little one’s legs :)   You’ll also notice various colored snaps.  In a move of sheer brilliance, Itti Bitti Boo has color coordinated the snap sockets so that you know which insert to snap in where.  More on that after we take a peek at the inserts.DSC_5580


Size Comparison:  Bottom inserts are from the size Large Fitteds, top are from medium fitteds.  Each Itti Bitti Boo comes with not one, not two, but THREE inserts, allowing you to perfectly customize the absorbency for baby’s specific needs.
Top Insert:  The top insert is basically like a prefold, or a rectangular shaped insert, that has been folded into thirds (aka “trifold”).  Of the three inserts, this is the most absorbent option.  If you wanted a trim daytime or naptime (depending on how heavy of a naptime wetter your babe is) fitted, the shell + this insert would be an ideal option.
Middle Insert:  This contoured insert is topped with that wonderfully soft bamboo velour we love so much!  It doesn’t offer as much absorbency as the top insert, but if you wanted a super trim daytime fitted, pair this with a shell and kiss that fluffy baby booty goodbye!  Need a bit more absorbency for naps?  Couple this with the top insert for a dependable naptime diaper and let baby feel the amazingness of only having bamboo velour against the skin.
Bottom Insert:  This bottom insert is actually more of a doubler.  In other words, it is primarily intended to be used WITH one of the other two inserts (or both of the other inserts) as a doubler to slightly increase the absorbency.


Color Coded Snaps :)  Before you start thinking this fitted is too complicated, take a deep breath and look at the photo below.  No stress–just match the snap colors!  The red snaps on the doubler snap into the red snap sockets on the contoured insert.  The yellow snaps on the contoured insert snap into the yellow snap sockets in the diaper shell, and I’ll bet you can guess how to do the purple ones!  Yep…purple insert snaps go with the purple sockets in the diaper.  As my goofy high school math teach would say, “Pork chop, pork chop, greasy, greasy, this stuff is easy, easy!”   (I may or may not be up too late at the moment).DSC_5574DSC_5569DSC_5568DSC_5575DSC_5571DSC_5581DSC_5578



Emma was the super lucky Haute Clothed Buns review team member who got try out the Itti Bitti Boo fitted on her adorable little man, Z.  Below, she’ll share her thoughts and experiences with the Itti Bitti Boo.

Baby’s Age & Size:   6 months, 15.5 pounds, 24 inches long

 How does it fit through the rise? Across the bum? Through the crotch? Around the thighs?  Fit was great. I liked how narrow it is through the crotch

 Did you find this diaper to be trim? Average? Bulky?  This diaper has so many configurations! It’s kind of overwhelming but its versatility is awesome. When all 3 inserts are in and then you add a cover it is pretty bulky. Just by itself or with the smallest insert I would say it was average.

 Does the bulk hind or impede mobility in any way?  When all inserts were in it was a little more challenging for my son to sit up but all in all, the bulk surprisingly didn’t seem to affect him. I think that says a lot about the quality of the design of the diaper!


 Is your child a light, medium or heavy wetter?  Medium

 Did the diaper leak? If so describe (where, was it recurring, etc.).  Nope! Never had a leak!

 Does the diaper work for daytime? Naptime? Overnight?   All of the above! This diaper is so versatile that it worked great anytime I wanted to use it. Overnight I used all inserts, naptime and daytime I used one.

Did you need to add additional absorbency for naps or night? What did you use?  Nope! I never needed to add anything extra.

How does it compare absorbency wise to other diapers you’ve used?  Absorbency was great.


I loved how soft the diaper is and the versatility. I really appreciated the color coded snaps- they came in handy and I really liked the fit and the color as well.

What did you dislike?  

I realized here that I’m not a fan of fitteds; I prefer all in ones. If I had this diaper in my stash I’d probably only use it for overnights. Just because of the hassle of having to use a cover and the bulk compared to my favorite diaper.

 What improvements would you like to see in this diaper?  I think this is a great fitted diaper and I’m not really sure I would change anything.

 Would you recommend it to a friend? Why or why not?  If my friend was looking specifically for fitteds I would recommend it. If they were looking for a good night time diaper I would recommend it also. But probably not if they were just looking for cloth diapers in general (just because I prefer AIO’s over fitteds).

 PRICING– Is the price fair? Too High?  I think its fair- it is a high quality product!


Here are some photos of the medium sized Itti Bitti Boo on Emma’s adorable son Z, who is  6 months, 15.5 pounds, and 24 inches long.



The Itti Bitti Boo is a very high quality, super absorbent, and extremely customizable fitted diaper that is very competitively priced.  It can range from a great daytime fitted if you want your little one to have a breathable diaper option (better for the skin!) even during daylight hours, to a dependable, leak-free night time option.  There are a lot of pieces included with this fitted, but using the color coded snaps makes it less overwhelming.  For those who are interested in fitteds, Emma highly recommends the Itti Bitti Boo.

We are so thankful to Green Diaper Demos for the opportunity to try out this diaper!

Be sure to stop by Green Diaper Demos and buy one of these fluffilicious diapers for your squishy babe :)



Green Diaper Demos has very generously offered to give-away this GORGEOUS size Large Itti Bitti Boo fitted!  Thank you!!




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